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1KB.in is your one stop solution for best online training on Android,Java,.NET Technologies,PHP and many web technologies. Apart from online training we are also committed on providing aid for your technological needs such as web development using PHP,Wordpress,ASP.NET etc. We are a team of enthusiastic programmers who can help you on completing your project on any of the above technology.

Services we offer

Web Design for all your requirements based on technologies likeĀ PHP,ASP.NET,HTML,CSS,Javascript

Desktop Applications,Web Applications,wpf in C# &VB.NET, Project Assistance on .NET Technologies

Training on Java,Android Application Development,.NET Technologies,PHP,Python online.

General Course details from 1kb.in

  • Completely online training with daily exercises and day to day curriculam.
  • Forever Access to course materials.
  • Solution and aid on solving the daily exercises on every course.
  • Best video lectures on every course on your google drive forever.

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/per course

Knowledge is power!

We won’t charge you much. This $5 is just a nominal fee for the course what we deliver.

Free Addition to Google Drive having video lectures of every course.

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JAVA + Android Application Development
Python Training
ASP.NET Development