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In this module, participants will learn to develop applications using C#, VB.NET. They will also learn to apply these languages to develop server-side applications which make use of ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services etc.

C#.Net Syllabus
Getting Started with .Net Framework, Exploring Visual Studio .NET, Inside a C#
Program, Data Types, Statements, Arrays, Using Strings, Objects, Classes and
Structs, Properties, Inheritance, Indexers, Delegates, Events, Namespaces,
Generics, Collections and Data Structures, Exception Handling, Threading, Using
Streams and Files, Reflection, Assemblies, versioning, Windows Forms, Controls,
Data binding to Controls, Advanced Database Programming using ADO.net,
Using GDI +, Networking, Manipulating XML.
VB.Net Syllabus
Creating Applications with Visual Basic.NET, Variables, Constants, and
Calculations, Making Decisions and Working with Strings, Lists, Loops,
Validation, Sub Procedures and Functions, Multiple Forms, Standard Modules,
and Menus, Arrays, Timers, Form Controls, Windows Presentation Foundation
Controls, Working with Databases, Advanced Database Programming using
ADO.net, Classes, Inheritance, Custom Controls, LINQ, Packaging &
deployment, Using Crystal Reports.
ASP.Net Syllabus
Building a Web Application, Examples Using Standard Controls, Validating
Form Input Controls using Validation Controls, Understanding Applications and
State, Applying Styles, Themes, and Skins, Creating a Layout Using Master
Pages, Binding to Databases using Controls, Data Management with ADO.net,
Creating a Site Navigation Hierarchy, Navigation Controls , Login Controls,
Securing Applications, Working with XML, Using Crystal Reports in Web
Forms, AJAX, ASP.Net MVC.

Course Time Table

Day 1 Introduction to .Net, Inside a C# Program,Data
Types,Decision, Control Structures, Expressions
Day 2 Practice
Day 3 Introduction to Visual Studio.Net ,Windows Forms,
Using Controls
Day 4 Arrays, Using Strings
Day 5 Practice
Day 6 Objects, Classes and Structs
Day 7 Advanced Controls, MDI Forms
Day 8 Practice
Day 9 Delegates, Events, Namespaces, Collections
Day 10 Using Streams and FileSystem Objects
Day 11 Manipulating XML,Object Serialization
Day 12 Practice
Day 13 Using GDI +, Network programming
Day 14 Threading, Assemblies, Reflection
Day 15 Practice
Day 16 Properties, Indexers,Generics, Exception Handling
Day 17 Practice
Day 18 Working with Databases
Day 19 Advanced Database Programming using ADO.net
Day 20 Practice
Day 21 Introduction to Visual Basic, Operators, Conditionals &
Day 22 Procedures,Scope & Exception Handling
Day 23 Windows Forms & Custom Controls
Day 24 WPF Controls 1
Day 25 WPF Controls II
Day 26 Practice
Day 27 Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance
Day 28 Database Controls & Objects,Using Crystal Reports
Day 29 Packaging & deployment
Day 30 LINQ I
Day 31 LINQ II
Day 32 Practice
Day 33 Building a Web Application using ASP.net 4.0
Day 34 Web forms: Validation controls
Day 35 Web Forms: Navigation Controls
Day 36 ADO.net & Project Discussion
Day 37 Introduction to Web Services,Using Crystal Reports in
Web Forms
Day 38 CSS, Applying Styles,Themes, Master Pages
Day 39 Understanding Application State
Day 40 Practice
Day 41 Ajax
Day 42 ASP.Net MVC
Day 43 Practice

Course Fees – $5 only for limited time

Course Materials such as ppt s,pdf’s, and exercises will be provided to everyone corresponding to each day. Students have to solve the exercises and in case of doubts, you can refer to the solution available on our blog section.

Freebie for everyone who joins

You will be added to a google drive having Complete JAVA+ Android Training videos of about 13 GB from all over the internet.

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