60 day Course on Java + Android Application Development


12 students enrolled

A 60 day course on Java and Android Application development with supplied daily exercises and free pdf and ppt to refer everyday. The schedule for the course if proposed to be like this.

The course will be dealing with Java for the first 30 days and then more into android libraries and packages for the next 30 days.

This is a hands on course which provides participants with the information and lab
experience necessary to develop and deploy robust android applications. This course
starts with core java and covers advanced Java and Android application programming.

The syllabus for the course:

Java (JEE) Course Syllabus

Introduction to Java Platform, Data Types, Variables, Arrays, Operators, Control
Statements, Java Classes and Objects, Methods, Inheritance, Packages and
Interfaces, Exception Handling, Threads and Multi Threading, I/O, String
Handling, Java.Lang, Collections, Network Programming, Java AWT, Event
Handling, Applets, Graphics, JDBC

Day 1 Introduction to Java Programming,Java J2SE 1.6,
Data Types, Variables,Operators
Day 2 Arrays, Control Statements
Day 3 Practice
Day 4 Java Classes and Objects
Day 5 Methods
Day 6 Practice
Day 7 Inheritance
Day 8 Packages and Interfaces
Day 9 Practice
Day 10 Exception Handling, Threads and Multi Threading
Day 11 I/O, String Handling, Java.Lang
Day 12 Collections
Day 13 Practice
Day 14 Applet, Graphics
Day 15 Practice
Day 16 Java AWT Advanced & Event handling
Day 17 Practice
Day 18 JFC Swing, Swing Components
Day 19 Network Programming
Day 20 Practice
Day 21 DBMS- Introduction/JDBC
Day 22 DBMS Contd, JDBC
Day 23 Practice
Day 24 Introduction to Web programming, HTML
Day 25 Servlet
Day 26 Servlet
Day 27 Practice
Day 28 JSP
Day 29 JSP
Day 30 Introduction to JEE Architecture, EJB, JNDI,War
Day 31 EJB 3 Session Bean – Stateless, Stateful
Day 32 JSP with Session Bean
Day 33 Practice
Day 34 SQL Server Administration
Day 35 Entity Class
Day 36 Entity Class,
Day 37 Practice
Day 38 Struts
Day 39 JSF
Day 40 Practice
Day 41 Spring, Database Design
Day 42 Practice

Android Application Development Course
Introduction to Android, Development Environment, Emulator-Android virtual
device, UI Design- Activities, Layouts, Menus, Styles and Themes, Debugging
Android applications, intents and Notification services, Content ProvidersSQLite,
Adapters and Widgets, Multimedia, Location based services, Packaging
and deployment.


Course Fees – $5 only for limited time

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